Our skin is a reflection of the health of our internal systems. When we experience skin disorders and breakouts they are frequently a result of internal health issues. During the consult, I will use my knowledge and skill set as a Holistic Practitioner to identify the root of  the symptoms and help you get started towards meeting all of your health and skincare goals.


Leg Wax $50 
Arm Wax $45

Bikini Wax (with exfoliation and mask) $45

Extended Bikini Wax (with exfoliation and mask) $60
Full-Face Wax $25

Eyebrow Wax $10

Lip Wax $5


45 min., $75

Rid your back of irritating acne and dry itchy skin with a customized facial for your back. After we exfoliate, we will use a deep-sea kelp mask to detoxify your skin to help rid of any unwanted blemishes. 


60 min., $80

In this therapy we use muscle testing to navigate the subconscious mind to find trapped emotions, physical deficiencies, and spiritual oppressions. We will then work to release this energy and gain a new perspective  and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.

Full Body Treatment

90 min, $200

Treat yourself to a relaxing 90 minute full body exfoliation, mask, and hydration. First, we will remove the dead skin from your entire body with our spa body mitt and follow with an all natural skin hydrating mask. Once the mask is removed with a hot shower, we will hydrate your skin with a customized body oil and massage.